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Desktop Equipment Appraisal

Do You Need a Quick, Low Cost, Equipment Appraisal?

Then you should consider a Desktop Appraisal…

Desktop Equipment Appraisals have the same certification level, are court tested, substantiated, and irrefutable like standard onsite appraisals, with two major differences:

You Collect the Data & Pay Less

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Desktop Appraisals are very common and will generally provide you with the same equipment values as you would have received with an onsite appraiser. The primary difference is in the wording of our report, where it will state the data was collected by your representative, and we have not physically seen the equipment. Our Desktop Equipment Appraisals are defensible and substantiated and have been court tested and used by Banks, the IRS, and the SBA many times.

Key Benefits:

  • Much Lower Cost / (No Appraiser Travel Costs or Onsite Inspection Costs)
  • You Collect the Data / (Who knows your Equipment better than You)
  • Faster Turnaround / (You won’t have to sync up schedules with an Appraiser)
  • Same Certification (The exact same Certified Appraiser can do your report)

When to NOT use a Desktop Equipment Appraisal

  • No Onsite Data Collection Person is Available
  • When the Appraisal will be a key part of Litigation
  • When the Appraisal is requested by a Lender
  • Partnership Dissolution
  • Divorce Settlements
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