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Litigation / Court Equipment Appraisals

How to get the best Litigation / Court Equipment Appraisal?

In Answer: Our Appraisers are Court Tested and our Master Appraisers have passed the Daubert Challenge in Federal and State Courts.

In Litigation & Court a Certified Equipment Appraisal is many times Required or Needed. So many times we have faced opposing council that have relied on a sub-par appraiser that seemed like a good idea until they were faced by one of our Master Appraisers and the Certified Equipment Appraisal report they provided.

Call now to discuss your case directly with the best Master Certified Equipment Appraiser that matches your specific case. Please feel free to request our CV / Resume, a list of our previous litigation cases, a fee schedule, and either of our eBooks ("Equipment Appraisal 101 - the Basics" and "Divorce Equipment Appraisal - Combat Tactics / Business Edition").

We are very well versed in understanding the litigation process in terms of an Equipment Appraisal and can easily work with you, no matter your personal level of knowledge about Equipment Appraisals.

Our Reports are:

Created or Reviewed by Master Equipment Appraisers

  • Certified

  • Irrefutable

  • We Know your Equipment

  • Substantiated

  • Court Tested

  • Master Level Appraisers

Please Call so we can discuss your specific needs.

Here are some primary things you need to consider:

  • A Certified Equipment Appraisal is a Strong Negotiating Tool
  • Our reports are Compliant and Very Detailed
  • Lower Costs due to Nationwide Appraisers
  • Line Item Value Thresholds based on your needs
  • Master Appraisers with Business Appraisal & Brokerage Experience
  • Fully Documented & Substantiated Files for Proof
  • Court Tested Expert Witnesseses
  • Thousands of Appraisals Performed
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