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About Us

Vision Statement:

Certified Consulting Group LLC builds and grows through the strengths of its clientele’s satisfaction. By consistently producing superior services tailored to meet specific goals, providing advice, information and solutions that make a positive difference for our clients and holding true to our commitment to excellence, may we continue to grow through our achievements, our integrity and our dedication.

Competitive Advantage:

Expert Equipment Appraisal LLC, a division of Certified Consulting group LLC, is designed to provide certified appraisals for machinery and equipment including supporting assets essential to the operation of any type of business. We are able to quickly assess a client’s needs, type of appraisal required, timeline and contingencies as per the circumstances. We strive to provide our client with status reports while maintaining minimal interruption of operations to achieve the goals according to our engagement. Through years of experience, we are quickly able to determine a client’s needs, react to emergent situations, turnaround reports in an astoundingly short time due to our depth of talent and coordination of skills required. We provide firm quotes and engage accordingly, provide logistics, management of asset tracking, research and reporting compliant with USPAP guidelines. We are able to assess data applicable to global locations as we have experience in not only the United States but Canada, Mexico, China, Japan, Brazil and Australia. Furthermore, we offer continual services after the appraisal report as to updating asset information, maintaining records and physical tagging and implementation of asset tracking systems. Our Capital Equipment pages can easily merge into your accounting format.


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Equipment Appraisal Office Locations

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Company Email:


Equipment Appraisal Headquarters
3456 N Citrus Avenue, Crystal River, Florida 34428


Equipment Appraisal SouthCentral Office

McKinney, Texas


Equipment Appraisal Midwest Office

Nashville, Indiana


Equipment Appraisal South East Office

Crystal River, FL


Equipment Appraisal MidWest Office

Wichita, KS


Equipment Appraisal Satellite Offices

Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Bakersfield, California

San Diego, California


Company Email:



Our Team / Authors / Advisory Panel

Our Equipment Appraisal’s team has over 55 years of combined experience and operate nationally with locations in most states. Our team has worked with thousands of clients across the nation in nearly virtually every industry. Our Team also provides expert court testimony when called upon to do so.

Rod Mefford, ECEA


Expert Certified Equipment Appraiser

800.785.6061 / email:


Rod Mefford has excelled in various sales venues for over 40 years, winning prestigious awards for exceeding goals and quotas. His education, certifications and experience gives clients confidence in our company as he imparts compassion for various situations and needs while taking ownership of a multitude of circumstances. His problem-solving abilities, linked with his business savvy and knowledge of this industry, brings comfort to our clientele and a reliability that deepens and personalizes our customer’s experience. Rod guides our customer’s through the appraisal process and simplifies a complex industry in a way that no other company can convey.

Prior to joining Expert Equipment Appraisal, Rod was a Senior Project Manager for a national building corporation where he led residential development and its systems, thereby increasing the firm’s productivity by over 40%. Previous to this, Rod was the Director of Marketing and Sales for an international heating and cooling manufacturer where he led the negotiation process building sales and managing accounts thereby creating an expansive customer network resulting in future revenue projections of over $100 million.

He has mentored numerous business entities and is eager to share his talents and resources with others by devoting his time and expertise to Expert Equipment Appraisal’s clients.

Chris Rials, MCMEA, CSBA

Master Equipment Appraiser


Chris Rials is a Nationally Certified Master Machinery and Equipment Appraiser (MCMEA), and also holds the designation of Senior Business Analyst (SBA), by the International Society of Business Analysts. His years of business experience and professionalism along with his strong personal, ethical guidelines and knowledge of the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) make him a perfect fit for our industry.

Christopher Burton, MCMEA, ECEA

Master Certified Machinery & Equipment Appraiser


Christopher Burton has almost a decade of experience in business consultation and logistics. Many years have been dedicated to Fortune 500 companies like T-Mobile, AT&T, Apple, Sprint, Disney, Walgreens and more. In 2015, Chris entered into the Equipment Appraisal arena. After extensive coursework and underwriting many appraisals, Chris achieved the required training and graduated the program to achieve the Master Certified Machinery & Equipment Appraiser (MCMEA) credentials and recognized certification.

Donna Mefford


800.785.6061 / email:


Donna Mefford is experienced and vested in business law and accounting, to which she has applied herself to various corporate venues. She brings to our company 35 years of practice. Our customers have come to rely on Donna for contractual needs and account tracking as it pertains to the relationship between Expert Equipment Appraisal and you. She provides fiscal management oversight and is responsible for budgetary planning and monitoring of the receipt, collection and disbursement of corporation funds. As Controller, she is responsible for the company’s financial management systems, internal controls and reports, provides policy and economic analyses, provides contractor’s payments and directs performance and financial audits.

For the past 16 years, Donna was Vice President of a national residential and commercial construction firm where she provided mission statements, clarified objectives, coordinated with sales and planning teams and achieved acceptance and implementation of plans. Prior to this, Donna owned a manufacturing firm where she designed and developed a wholesale product line to the gift and decorating industry and all-the-while ran the operations of daily business operations.

Donna’s main focus to the Office of the Controller is to protect Expert Equipment Appraisal’s community of clients.

Call Donna to Request our Current Financial Statement

Regarding Previous Client Lists: We feel strongly that Client Privacy is far more important than dropping names. We have worked with some of the largest corporations in the world - and we have appraised many tiny businesses as well (along with everything in between). Of the 175 appraisals last year we directly worked for over 40 banking institutions, 20 large law firms, several Fortune 50, several Fortune 500, and MANY privately held businesses nationally and internationally.

In a service industry, whereby goods are not supplied as a component to your business, Certified Consulting Group’s solvency is not an issue. The issue for financial display is the growth and expansion the company has realized to prove performance. The volume of assets valued in 2014 amount to $199,717,198.00, 2015 amount to $197,492,444.21, and 2016 amount to $236,300,233. Our Company averages 150+ individual Appraisals per year.

Core Competencies: Expert Equipment Appraisal LLC is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Certified Consulting Group LLC. Certified Consulting Group LLC is a multi-faceted consulting organization which has need of certified appraisals by certified master appraisers for portions of the company’s mission. This need includes the determination of client’s requirements, needs and unbiased equipment values for all sorts of transactions. Expert Equipment Appraisal LLC, after gathering preliminary information from the client, engages in preparing a certified appraisal, compliant with USPAP standards and guidelines, that reflects the condition and established values for the client’s assets. In addition, Expert Equipment Appraisal LLC has, due to the parent company’s various roles it holds in the industry, the ability to further manage the client’s assets, maintain annual updates, establish and perform continual asset tracking as well as provide business analyses as applicable.

Payment Options: Cash, Check, Electronic Fund Transfer, Wire Transfer, Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, Discover, Paypal

Business Hours: 8:00 am to 6:00 pm Monday – Friday with other hours by appointment

Coverage Map

Coverage Map of USA

Nationwide Services in the United States and, including Canadian Territories. Due to our National network of Appraisers, we have the ability to easily perform Appraisal services in any of the United States or Canadian Territories. Our far-reaching network also helps to increase the speed of appraisal completion and lowers the cost of our services by reducing travel costs.

Payment Options: Cash, Check, Invoice, Wire Transfer, Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, Discover, PayPal

Business Hours: 8:00 am to 6:00 pm Monday - Friday, with others hours by appointment

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