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SBA 504 Refinance Equipment Appraisal

How to get the best SBA 504 Refinance Loan Equipment Appraisal?

Are you ready for the new SBA 504 Refinance RUSH

Our Certified Equipment Appraisal Reports are:

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  • Certified / Qualified by SBA Standards

  • Irrefutable

  • We Know the Equipment

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  • Substantiated

  • Court Tested

  • Master Level Appraisers

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What we offer:

In Business SBA Loans, Capital Equipment Loans, and Capital Equipment Finance, an Equipment Appraisal is many times Required or Needed.

Here are some primary things you need to consider:

  • A Certified / Qualified Equipment Appraisal is a Strong Negotiating Tool
  • Get true Fair Market Value and if desired Orderly and Forced Liquidation Values
  • Certified / Qualified = Preferred & Accepted by all Lenders / SBA / CDC offices
  • Decide on a realistic line item value threshold - Ask us about this if unsure generally $2,500 and up with all smaller items being grouped and categorized (Such as Ancillary, Furniture, and small Electronics)
  • Our Equipment Appraisals will be Internal Audit compliant
  • Our Equipment Appraisals are U.S.P.A.P. compliant (Uniform Standard of Professional Appraisal Practice)
  • If there is potential Litigation - Make sure your Report is Certified & performed by a true Equipment Appraisal professional.
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