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Quick Overview and Key Points about Equipment Appraisals

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Overview of Equipment Appraisal Reasons

Brief Reasons Overview Business owners need an appraisal for insurable value, selling, financing, expansion, and strategic growth. CPA’s need a certified appraisal because the IRS requires a certified appraisal by a Certified Appraiser! A certified appraisal is also needed when helping their clients convert from a C to S Corporation, Estate and Gift Planning, Trusts,
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Choose an Equipment Appraisal Value Level

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Equipment Appraisal Value Levels for a Business Owner

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How to Hire an Equipment Appraiser

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What does an Equipment Appraisal Cost

What does an Equipment Appraisal Cost? Our Answer: Negotiating the Appraisal Fee / How much to pay: Fees come in all shapes and sizes with appraisers. Most Certified Appraisers can give you a free quote when you supply them with a solid asset list or depreciation schedule. We cannot speak for everyone but here are
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Prepare for an Equipment Appraisal

How do I Prepare for an Equipment Appraisal? Our Answer: Preparing the Asset List The first part of any machinery appraisal is making sure your asset / machinery list is up to date and as complete as possible. Many times we see this list several years outdated and with vague references to the equipment, this
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Preparing for the Equipment Appraisal

Preparing for the equipment Appraisal / Information: Note: This is your option – Obviously dirty rough looking machinery will bring a potentially lower value. We just wanted you to have all of the info in case you ever wanted to get an appraisal that needs higher values. And a good equipment appraiser will see past
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Equipment Appraisal Site Visit

The Equipment Appraisal OnSite Visit You have now engaged the appraiser and they are on their way to do a site visit. What do you do now? Don’t Panic! It will be ok; at this point you have done everything to make sure the visit goes as smoothly as possible. Have a Plan: Know who
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How long does an Equipment Appraisal Take

How long does an Equipment Appraisal Take? Or Answer: What Appraisers Do Next / Time Expectations Again this part varies by Appraisal Company but let’s take a dive into our company process as an example: Compiling the data – Once we have all of the data either through a site visit or from our form
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Equipment Appraisal Arbitration

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What Is Inside An Equipment Appraisal Report

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