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Desktop Equipment Appraisal

Get a Quicker, Lower Cost Appraisal with a Desktop Equipment Appraisal

Get the same certification level of appraiser, and the same court tested bullet-proof report.

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Should you consider a Desk-Top Equipment Appraisal Report?

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What makes a Desktop Machinery / Equipment Appraisal Different

Desktop Machinery / Equipment Appraisals are very common, and will generally provide you with the same equipment values as you would have received with an onsite appraisal. The primary difference is in the wording of the report, where it will state the data was collected by your representative, and the appraiser has not physically seen the equipment. Our Desktop Equipment Appraisals are defensible and substantiated and have been court tested. They are used often by Banks, Accountants, the IRS, the SBA, the USDA, and many other agencies that need an overview of the equipment or machinery.

Why are they called "Desktop Equipment Appraisal"?

The simple answer is: The report is written from the appraisers desk. The client or company sends over the collected data on the equipment or machinery.  The appraiser uses that data to then research the value of that equipment and write the desk top appraisal report.

Key Benefits:

  • Much Lower Cost / (No Appraiser Travel Costs or Onsite Inspection Costs)
  • You Collect the Data / (Who knows your Equipment better than You)
  • Faster Turnaround / (You won’t have to sync up schedules with an Appraiser)
  • Same Certification (The exact same Certified Appraiser can do your report)

When to NOT use a Desktop Equipment Appraisal

  • No Onsite Data Collection Person is Available
  • When the Appraisal will be a key part of Litigation
  • When the Appraisal is requested by a Lender for Collateral Verification
  • Partnership Dissolution
  • Divorce Settlements
  • Any situation where there could be conflict over the equipment

Preparing the Asset / Data Collection List for a Desktop Equipment Appraisal

The first part of any machinery / equipment appraisal is making sure your asset / machinery / equipment list is up to date and as complete as possible. Many times we see this list several years outdated and with vague references to the equipment. This often leads appraisers to charge more because they know the asset list is poor and they will have to spend time scrubbing the list or spending extra time tracking down the real information.

Let’s start by looking at what the perfect asset list should look like.  There are some key elements to a perfect asset list that if followed could easily save your business thousands of dollars on a desktop machinery / equipment appraisal (at least when dealing with us…). Here are the components of a perfect asset list:

  • General Item / Property Name – Example: Bulldozer, Computer, Address of Property, General Description of Improvement, Etc.
  • Location of Item or Property (If Applicable or if Item is not onsite - add into Description Box)
  • Make of Item – Caterpillar, Dell, Etc.
  • Model of Item – Example: D-11, Inspirion M17, Etc.
  • Year of Item – Year the Equipment was Manufactured
  • Description: Includes - Serial Number, Vin, General Description, Specifications, and Options Included
  • Year of Purchase
  • Cost to Purchase
  • Current Depreciation Amount (Not needed by us)
  • Item Tag / Internal Asset Number (If Applicable put into the Type / # Column)
  • General Specifications of the Machine – I.E. Size, Weight, Specifications, Options (Add into the Description Column)

Remember: More information is Better

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