Loan Equipment Appraisal

How to get the best Loan Equipment Appraisal?

  • Certified

  • Irrefutable

  • We Know the Equipment

  • Substantiated

  • Court Tested

  • Master Level Appraisers

Our Answer:

In Business Loans, Finance, SBA Loans an Equipment Appraisal is many times Required or Needed.

Here are some primary things you need to consider:

  • A Certified Equipment Appraisal is a Strong Negotiating Tool
  • Get all 3 Primary Values on the report (High, Mid, Low – See definitions below)
  • Certified = Preferred & Accepted by Lenders / SBA
  • Decide on a realistic line item value threshold – Ask us about this if unsure
  • Equipment Appraisals can help set Insurable Values
  • Equipment Appraisals are often needed for Corporation Tax Purposes
  • If there is potential Litigation – Make sure your Report is Certified
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