Equipment Appraisal Litigation ROI Calculator

Try our Free Equipment Appraisal Calculator Below.

Note: The Equipment Appraisal Calculator does not include the following things. These could impact the cost of the Equipment Appraisal. Also, each Appraisal is individually quoted (usually within an hour).

  • On-site Equipment Verification
  • Travel
  • Rush
  • Type of Appraiser (Master Appraiser vs. Appraiser)
  • Discounts for Large Quantity
  • Discounts for Duplicates / Multiples
  • Other Potential Costs

Does the Equipment Appraisal Make Good Sense?

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Did the Equipment Appraisal Calculator help? Remember, it does not include the following things. Each Appraisal is different and has unique requirements. We individually quote every Appraisal (usually within an hour).

Here are some ways our Appraisal can help you:

  • Equipment Existence Verification
  • Equipment Condition
  • Discovery of unlisted Equipment
  • Real World Value of the Equipment
  • Discovery of Support Equipment
  • Discovery of Furniture and Fixtures
  • General Overview of Maintenance on Equipment
  • Inventory Levels
  • and many other Equipment Appraisal solutions

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