Buy / Sell Agreements Equipment Appraisals

What Makes Our Buy / Sell Agreement Equipment Appraisal Better?

Our Answer: 

We have worked with every size company from small sandwich shops to Fortune 500 companies by doing Equipment Appraisals for the divisions or companies being sold or bought. Our Master Appraisers have the knowledge, the training, and the clout to handle any transaction size – And do it in an Expedited Manner…

Call and speak directly with one of our Master Appraisers to verify that we fit your needs.

  • Certified

  • Irrefutable

  • We Know your Equipment

  • Substantiated

  • Court Tested

  • Master Level Appraisers

In Buy / Sell Agreements an Equipment Appraisal is many times Required or Needed.

Here are some primary things you need to consider:

  • A Certified Equipment Appraisal is a Strong Negotiating Tool
  • Get all 3 Primary Values on the report (High, Mid, Low – See definitions below)
  • Certified = Preferred & Accepted by Lenders / SBA
  • Decide on a realistic line item value threshold – Ask us about this if unsure
  • Equipment Appraisals can help set Insurable Values
  • Equipment Appraisals are often needed for Corporation Tax Purposes
  • If there is potential Litigation – Make sure your Report is Certified