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We are focused on serving the Appraisal needs of Bankers, Attorneys, CPA / Accountants, and Business Owners. We focus on Machinery Appraisals, Equipment Appraisals, Asset Appraisals, Merger and Acquisition Appraisals, Business Valuations, and Business Brokerage.  Our valuation experts have multiple designations, are certified, and provide top notch professionalism in every setting.  With backgrounds ranging from Large Corporation Management, Commercial Lending, Business Brokerage, Marketing, and Machinery Operators we have the knowledge you need.

  1. Guaranteed Value: our pricing will be reasonable and clearly defined.
  2. Guaranteed Speed: our reports will be completed FAST and Professionally.
  3. Guaranteed Accuracy: our reports will have accurate market data.
  4. Guaranteed Experience: our people will be knowledgeable and helpful.

Equipment Appraisal Office Locations


3740 Smith Road, Nashville, IN 47448

Master Appraiser  : Nathan Bazzle, MCMEA, CSBA

SouthCentral  Office

PO Box 85, McKinney, Texas 75070

Master Appraiser  : Chris Rials, MCMEA, SBA

National Sales Office

Trafalgar, Indiana 46181

Midwest Sales Director: Nick Hayes

Midwest Office

2014 West 13th, Wichita, Kansas 67203

Master Appraiser / John Harris, ASA, MCBA, CM&AA

South East Office

Lady Lake, FL 32158

Eastern Sales Director – Rod Mefford

Office Manager – Donna Mefford

Satellite Offices

Bakersfield, California

San Diego, California


Company Email: Appraisals@ExpertEquipmentAppraisal.com

Our Team / Authors / Advisory Panel

Nathan Bazzle, MCMEA, CSBA


Master Equipment Appraiser, Certified Senior Business Analyst

Nathan Bazzle Profile Page

800.785.6061 / email:  nathan@expertequipmentappraisal.com

Nathan Bazzle MCMEA (Master Certified Machinery and Equipment Appraiser) founded Certified Consulting Group LLC in 2005. During the following years he has personally worked with over 400 companies in achieving their goals by providing Certified Equipment Appraisals. More recently Mr. Bazzle has branched into the Consulting realm by providing Strategic Marketing and Appraisal Process Consulting to this industry.

Expert Equipment Appraisal’s team has over 55 years of combined experience and operate nationally with locations in most states. Our team has worked with Thousands of clients across the nation in nearly virtually every industry. Our Team also provides expert court testimony when called upon to do so.

Chris Rials, MCMEA, CSBA

Master Equipment Appraiser

Chris Rials Profile Page

800.785.6061 / email: chrisr@expertequipmentappraisal.com

Chris Rials is a Nationally Certified Master Machinery and Equipment Appraiser (MCMEA), and also holds the designation of Senior Business Analyst (SBA), by the International Society of Business Analysts. His years of business experience and professionalism along with his strong personal ethical guidelines and knowledge of the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) making him a perfect fit for our industry.

Nick Hayes

Midwest Sales Director

Associate Appraiser

800.785.6061 / email:  nickh@expertequipmentappraisal.com

Nick Hayes has a deep understanding of the Appraisal Industry and constantly focuses on the ultimate need of the clients as he takes a more “Consultative” role in helping them reach their needs. Utilizing his 15 years of sales and marketing experience Mr. Hayes strives to create a comfortable and simplified equipment appraisal process.


Coverage Map

Coverage Map of USA

Nationwide Services in the United States and including Canadian Territories. Due to our National network of Appraisers we have the ability to easily perform Appraisal services in any of the United States or Canadian Territories. Our far reaching network also helps to increase the speed of appraisal completion and lowers the cost of our services by reducing travel costs.

Payment Options: Cash, Check, Invoice, Wire Transfer, Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, Discover, Paypal

Business Hours: 8:00 am to 6:00 pm Monday – Friday with others hours by apointment